Partnership program for loyalty management system resellers

Do you want to become our dealer? Discover all the advantages of our partnership program reserved to retailers of our Fidelity Card Loyalty system!

Partnership program for fidelity card loyalty management system resellers

How to become a reseller of our loyalty management system

Becoming a reseller is very simple: all you have to do is to register at our partnership program free of charge by clicking on the link di registrazione and you will immediately get the access to your control panel reseller and also to the related reserved price list.

Business model

With our partnership program, resellers will be able to purchase subscriptions for the loyalty system from our company at discounted prices, in order to resell them to their customers. The prices for the final customer can be established by the retailer who can also offer additional hardware and services (consulting, installation, assistance, etc.).

The retailer will be able to earn not only on the sale of the first subscription but also on all subsequent renewals that his customers will carry out over the years.

Resellers can purchase from our company also the PVC cards, SMS, Barcode reader ecc. or they can choose to provide these products by themselves to their customers.

Finally, thanks to our White Label program, our partners will have an exceptional opportunity to promote their brand.

White Label

Customers of our partners in order to manage the loyalty service must access the application through a control panel accessible at the address

The application accessible to this address can be completely branded, using the dealer control panel, in three ways:

  • By inserting the logo of your company in place of the standard logo Softvision Fidelity Card
  • Customization of the control panel graphic theme to distinguish it from the classic aspect of Softvision Fidelity Card
  • Changing the portal access address with an address like: (in place of

After these customizations, the application will lose any reference to our company and will appear, to all intents and purposes, as your product.

Discounts reserved for retailers

To access the price list reserved for our partners, simply log in to your reseller control panel and click on Orders.

Technical support

For any technical problem or use of our service, we are at your disposal by e-mail at

Management of your customers

Using the dealer control panel you will have complete control of your customers. You can check the expiry dates of the subscriptions, make renewals, purchase service subscriptions etc. For more information, please refer to the following guide.