Loyalty circuits

Loyalty circuits

A loyalty circuit is an association of several companies who share the same loyalty campaign (usually the points collection or the discounts campaign).
In this way, the customers of various businesses can acquire points at any of the outlets on the circuit.
In general the number of points that each outlet can distribute (company points balance) is limited and is determined by the administrator. When a user runs out of points, a recharge request (usually with an additional charge) must be made to the circuit administrator.

Softvision Fidelity card manages the loyalty circuits as shown in the following diagram:

Loyalty circuit

At the head of the entire circuit is the figure of theCircuit Administrator which has the task of defining the companies that are part of the circuit, planning the loyalty campaigns, defining the rewards, etc.
As seen from the above diagram each company may have one or more outlets.

Adding a new company to the circuit

The circuit administrator can add a new company simply by clicking on the "New Company"  button in the main screen of the settings panel. When the company is added, an outlet is automatically created for the company.
The next step is to create a User that will have the task of administering the outlet. Choose "Manage users" from the Users menu and click on "Add". In addition to the various data (name, surname, username and password etc.) you will need to specify whether the user is an Administrator (of the Company) or Ordinary User. In the first case you must indicate the user's company while in the second case you need to specify the outlet in which the user works.

Loyalty Circuit Companies

Role of various types of users

The role of the circuit administrator should not be confused with the administrator of the company. In fact, the latter only possesses permissions within his/her own outlets, which are  in any case limited by the circuit. He/she can, for example, perform statistics, send text messages to his/her own customers, define new users for his/her shops, etc.
The ordinary user, on the other hand, can only perform basic operations such as adding a new customer, loading points as a result of a purchase made by the customer, etc.

Points Distribution

When a company uses up its points, it must make a request for more points to the circuit administrator who will assign points under "Reload points" which can found in the "Transactions"  menu for each company.
The SMS that the company can send to its customers can be recharged in the same way.

Circuit Settings

Loyalty Circuit Settings

On the second page of the control panel you can access the preferences for the loyalty circuit. On this page you can set the name of the circuit, the logo (brand) that will appear within the control panels of the different outlets and the degree of freedom given to companies within the circuit.
For example, you can decide whether companies can have access only to their own customers or, if they can independently create groups of customers or subscriptions, etc.

Multi level marketing

The structure of the loyalty circuit can be further enhanced using the Multi Level Marketing trough which you can increase the circuit size and get more profits.

Working with “Accumulated discounts” or “Prepaid credit” (Gift card) campaigns

To use these loyalty campaigns is essential to provide a compensation system between e granted and charged discounts to customers by the circuit stores.
For more information see Report movements discounts and credit. For further informations see at Report of discounts/credits movements