Customer loyalty with Gift cards

Prepaid cards or gift cards

Customer loyalty with Gift cards

Often used as a gift to friends or relatives, prepaid cards provide an extraordinary level of loyalty of customers who join the campaign. Every customer pays an initial contribution for the prepaid card , this amount can be added to later or spent inside outlets that have organized the campaign.

Prepaid loyalty cards work very simply: the customer pays a fee that will be recorded on his/her card. Whenever he/she makes a purchase in the shop for products or services, the corresponding cost will be deducted from the credit on the prepaid card.

A loyalty campaign through the use of prepaid loyalty cards is very useful for the acquisition of new customers. A previous customer can join the campaign recharging a card that is then given to friends or acquaintances as an original alternative to the usual and obvious gift for birthdays or Christmas. In this way, the business can count on new customers that will be enticed to spend the credit on the prepaid card received as a gift.

The Softvision Fidelity Card application allows you to  easily manage your prepaid or gift card loyalty campaigns with just a few clicks.