Customer loyalty and repeat purchases

Repeat purchases

Customer loyalty and repeat purchases

A loyalty campaign for repeat purchases gives every business the option to offer its customers, both new and loyal, an important opportunity not to be missed. If a customer, by necessity, goes to the shop to buy the same product or the same type of product and / or service, he/she will be duly rewarded.

After a certain number of products and / or services have been  purchased (whether the same or different, but the same type), the user will be able to guarantee a loyal customer a reward that the customer knows about immediately after joining the campaign.

A loyalty program through loyalty cards for repeat purchases is an effective way to build a loyal customer base. When each customer needs to buy "that" product, he/she will be encouraged to come back to the same shop in order to reach the threshold of purchases necessary to receive the reward or gift.

The  Softvision Fidelity Card web software provides anyone wishing to start a campaign through loyalty cards for repeat purchases a simple, straightforward and intuitive way of managing the cards without further costs nor the installation of additional components or programs on your personal computer.