Subscriptions with loyalty cards

Subscriptions with loyalty cards

Loyalty with the sale of subscriptions

The  Softvision Fidelity Card web application for the management of loyalty cards allows the business to offer its customers subscriptions for a predefined number of services.

Whether it's a gym or a commercial activity like a hair stylists, the customer can pay in advance an amount corresponding to a certain number of classes (in the case of the gym, for example) or hair treatments (in the case of hairdressers).

The advantage of a loyalty campaign through the use of loyalty cards for subscriptions is the certainty that the amount for the number of services is collected in advance by the user and the customer will be encouraged to return to take full advantage of the amount previously paid. The customer will thus become a "returning" customer and certainly loyal.

The Softvision web application for managing loyalty cards makes monitoring customers' subscription cards both simple and intuitive. The quantity of services and / or benefits to be paid can be kept under control in a few clicks via an intuitive interface which can be used by anyone.