Loyalty through discount cards

Discount cards

Loyalty through discount cards

This is a form of loyalty widespread among very different businesses. A campaign with discount cards gives every customer the opportunity to obtain credit proportional to the costs incurred for the purchase of a product or service within the shop in question.

The Softvision Fidelity Card web application allows you to easily handle loyalty campaigns with the use of discount cards. You will be able to configure and customize your initiative at will by setting the amount of credit or the percentage discount that customers will accumulate as a result of their purchases.

What are the advantages of using loyalty discount cards? Customers will continue to buy knowing the goal to be achieved and the minimum threshold required to use the discount provided. They will choose to return to the shop organizing the campaign to buy a product or service, leaving the competition. Besides, the discount is deferred, or cannot be used immediately, rather it can only be used when a certain level of expenditure has been reached. Even at that time, however, customers must return to the shop to use the credit on their card.