Software for the Management of Loyalty Cards and Gift Cards

Software for the Management of Loyalty Cards and Gift Cards

Softvision Fidelity Card

Welcome to Softvision Fidelity Cardthe web application designed and created specifically to allow you to manage, in a simple and completely autonomous manner, the loyalty campaigns (points collection, gift cards, repeat purchases, etc.) of your customers through loyalty cards.

You will not need to install any software or add-on on your personal computer. Every time you want to access the application you simply type the in the browser address bar and access your personal profile.

The Softvision Fidelity Card software also allows you to manage your own Loyalty Circuit within which the different businesses can share customers, loyalty campaigns, rewards, etc.

The Softvision Fidelity Card web application is able to manage all card-based customer loyalty campaigns:

Customer retention with points collectionPoints collection

They are the most widespread loyalty campaigns and very simple to operate: each time the customer makes a purchase, he/she receives a quantity of points proportional to the amount spent. You can set up the  Softvision Fidelity Card web application to meet the most diverse needs.
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Customer loyalty with gift cardsPrepaid cards or gift cards

Prepaid cards (or gift cards) are loyalty cards which allow customers to take advantage of prepaid credit to use within your outlet. Each time the customer makes a purchase, the cost will be deducted from the credit in the card. They can also be used as a gift (Gift Card, in fact).
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Customer loyalty with subscriptionsSubscriptions

A subscription means that a customer makes an advance purchase of a package with a certain number of benefits and services. You'll have the advantage of receiving the cash amount immediately in advance and you will thus ensure that the customer returns to your shop for a number of times equal to the number of services purchased.
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Customer loyalty and repeat purchasesRepeat purchases

This method assures retention of the customer. Thanks to the loyalty card dedicated to repeat purchases the customer will be rewarded upon reaching a threshold for goods or services of the same type purchased from your outlet. Repeat purchases ensure that many customers will come back to your outlet to reach the number of services required for the reward.
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Customer loyalty with discount cardsDiscount card

Discount cards allow you to offer your customers credit in proportion to the expenditure incurred to be used exclusively within your outlet. The customer will continue returning to your outlet until he/she reaches a discount equal to the cost of an article that he/she is interested in.
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