The loyalty card to collect points

Point collection card

The loyalty card to collect points

Loyalty campaigns through the collection points are now widespread among businesses seeking to strengthen customer loyalty. They are, however, also a tool for acquiring new customers. The new customer who comes to a business establishment for the first time will be encouraged to return to accumulate points and reach the threshold to obtain the special reward.

The points collection loyalty card works in an extremely simple and intuitive way: the customer makes the purchase of products or services inside the shop and receives an amount of points proportional to the expenditure.
The Softvision Fidelity Card web application allows the user to perform custom settings which can be adapted to any type of campaign for collecting loyalty points. For example, the system can be calibrated to assign a default number of points for every euro spent by the customer and from time to time it will add the points accumulated on the card by the customer during all his/her purchases.

Softvision Fidelity Card offers two types of rewards: with contribution or without contribution. This means that the customer in possession of the loyalty card that has joined the campaign for collecting points may collect the reward due without paying anything (in the event that the threshold number of points required to win the reward has been accumulated), or by paying a contribution (in the event that the threshold has not been reached, the customer may contribute a certain amount).